Who Besides Me?

Allison Chisholm

You at the helm - 
windblown and wayward
a dark sky observer. 
Below these decks
address these hands -
disorderly and ungloved. 
Heavy-handed but
adrift, afoot, abreast
a sacker of cities.
Capsized or baptized
I take the fall.
Aye Aye  
Allison Chisholm is an award-winning pie baker. She lives and writes in Kingston, Ontario. She played glockenspiel in the Hawaiian-Dream-Pop band SCUB. Her poetry has appeared in The Northern Testicle Review (Proper Tales Press) and The Dollhouse (Puddles of Sky Press). Her chapbook, On the Count of One, was published in 2017 (Proper Tales Press). Her forthcoming book of poetry, On the Count of None, will be released this fall through Anvil Press. She is the curator of The Museum of Tiny Objects.

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