Of Senility

Michael Aird

dribbling a constant Standard & Poor’s
fixity for youngsters, as far as
primary production—I too
lovingly gaze at the brute strength now used
for lifts and transfers—just don’t get him shouting
if you’re going to reminisce about
brick and mortar or Made in America—
success might be nothing but a decay
in volatility, the lull that looks like
what analysts describe as
most afternoon naps—the general
could be close to anesthetic in such
an equilibrium—but every donation
is still meant to guarantee
that wage rigidity feels as bad as
putting the socks on, pulling off
caregiver preferences
it’s been repeated optimally
until you can no longer distinguish
having from not having one

Michael Aird lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. He recently completed his first full-length manuscript, Something to Eat and Drink on Every Page.

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