Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Samuel Strathman

Tommorow will be different, and so will
the days to follow, but for now –

stars float above the earth’s atmosphere
like aphids gleaming betwixt semi-transparent swathes of dust.

Clouds in the shape
of lily pads quiver into the scenery
as cranes venture precariously outside
of the earth’s orbit.

Sunder all eighty-eight constellations
and you’ll form an abundance
of astronomical spheroids.

The rest of the evening is bound
to wind up inscrutable.

Cut your losses,
sleep with both eyes closed tonight.

Samuel Strathman is a Jewish/Canadian poet ans educator who was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning dis/ability at the age of seven. Some of his poems have appeared in Ethos Literary Journal, Literary Yard and on Dusie. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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