A Coral to Dedicate the Miracles You Enrich

Jared Schickling

But I should be untrue to computer science, scratching among its molested moons 
so let us attempt to tell a story without aerial redundancies. 
Spring brings all the penetrates. 
Enjoy the many hollow attempts to make 
the wonderful phlegm. 
There is solute fortune in entertaining it. 
If you were not the wine the self-assured moon 
cooks, sprinkling its peach across the heights. 

A chaotic metaphor taunts 
even the secure 
historical area in inscription 
to which the metaphor 
will not be dawned. 
The reflections exist even when there is 
little to say, and it ceases 
around it in darkness. 
My nocturnal nose relinquishes you always. 

One of them is cleansed, 
the other knows details. 
Where is everybody 
he quips, and when can we see what 
is going to happen? 
The boulevard within hers 
a history we tell in passing, 
with notions of tiredness 
and a passion for journalism and computer science. 



In addition to journal and ephemera pieces, Jared Schickling is the author of several BlazeVOX books, including The Mercury Poem (2017) and Province of Numb Errs (2016).  Other books include Needles of Itching Feathers (The Operating System, 2018); The Paranoid Reader: Essays, 2006-2012 (Furniture Press, 2014); Prospectus for a Stage (LRL Textile Series, 2014); Donald Trump and the Pocket Oracle (Moria Books, 2017); and Donald Trump in North Korea (2017).  He edited A Lyrebird: Selected Poems of Michael Farrell (BlazeVOX, 2017), and he edits Delete Press and The Mute Canary, publishers of poetry.  He lives in Lockport, NY. 


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