Debates (Hansard)

David Alexander

Mr Speaker I rise today on a question of privilege and raise a
glass to Hansard the only place I feel alive or loved now that
I am dead and gone and not even my constituents can bring
me back for they too are lost Mr Speaker I have tried to be an
honourable man some honourable members hoot and holler
but I have not when I have lost confidence I have said as much
and stopped and sought direction and now I am risen to make
it known that if on occasion I have asked a dubious question of
poor assumption only my own stupidity made it so Mr Speaker
I should like to amend on second reading these remarks now
that parliament is ended that it has been my pleasure to serve
the people of whatever the hell and caucus in my party’s outer
shell and feel the discourse elevated by our peerless elocution
Mr Speaker and surely good policy must flow from that

David Alexander is the author of After the Hatching Oven from Nightwood Editions (2018). His poems have appeared in Prairie FireThe Rusty ToqueThe Humber Literary Review, the Literary Review of Canada, Big Smoke Poetry and other journals and magazines. David volunteers as a reader for The Puritan and works in Toronto's nonprofit sector.

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